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JavaScript | PHP | JQuery | HTML | CSS | C# | Azure Services

Osmose Utilities Services

JavaScript | PHP | JQuery | HTML | CSS | C# | SQL

Restaurant Data

JavaScript | JQuery | PHP | HTML | CSS | Python

Sandbox Union

JavaScript(Angular, React) | PHP | HTML | CSS | C# | SQL

Event Management System

JavaScript | PHP | JQuery | HTML | CSS | SQL

Abstract Asteroids

JavaScript | PHP | JQuery | HTML | CSS

Dubstep Visualizer

JavaScript | JQuery | HTML | CSS

Weather Watcher

JavaScript | JQuery | HTML | CSS


Adobe Suite


JavaScript | PHP | JQuery | HTML | CSS

Android App Development

Xamarin(C#) | Swift

Coffee Curfew

JavaScript | JQuery | JSON | HTML | CSS

about me

I'm Zachary Brown entering my final year at the Rochester Institute of Technology with a New Media Interactive Development major and Web & Mobile Development minor. Viewing the Resume page will show my work experience and clubs I'm involved in.

Through my experiences, I've gained a wide variety of knowledge as well as working to be a leader by being a strong communicator and exemplifying passion into my work. All of this has led up to various projects and goals I'm working towards to utilize my design and development skills to their fullest potential.

If you would like to contact me, please view the contact page and send me a message. Thank you!

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If you wish to send me a message, contact me here!

Rochester, United States