Abstract Asteroids

Personal Project

  • Project Link: Click here to play!
  • Project Type: Team of 2
  • Technologies: Adobe Suite, Front End Development
  • Languages: JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS

Abstract Asteroids

Abstract Asteroids is a 2D Platformer, created by Zachary Brown and Nathan Stoeckle using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript, as well as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create sprites and backgrounds for the game. The goal of this project was to create a game that's simple and fun that a wide range of people could enjoy and appreciate.

Development Process

Nathan and I split up our work evenly to divide and conquer this project. I worked on the game using WASD controls and arrow keys as controls using a key daemon array and a keys.js class, which defines keys and their values used throughout the program. I also created a LevelFactory class, which are a multitude case statements and made levels easy to create and add in case we add more levels in the future. Each level is categorized by difficulty, 1 being easy, 2 being intermediate, and 3 being advanced. The game has multiple interactive screens which Nathan helped configure and setup. This includes the title screen, main game screen, game over screen, and a win sequence screen. We also added background music that loops, and sound effects like jumping. We kept a 8 bit theme throughout the project which included the music, sprites, and level design including making my own sprites (10x10) and background.

How it Works

In order to play, the user is able to control the game using the keyboard (WASD controls), and the instructions are part of the UI below the game as well. The user must navigate through the 3 levels in order to complete the game. Below are some screenshots of the game. Clicking on these will expand the images.