Sandbox Union

Front End Developer - Part Time

  • Website:
  • Agile: Jira
  • Languages: AngularJS & CLI, TypeScript, JavaScript, SQL, AWS, PHP, HTML, CSS
  • Time Frame: August 2020 - Feburary 2021

What's Sandbox Union?

SandBox Union is a team of software developers, designers and technology experts that specialize in custom web and mobile application development. They work with everyone from startups, government and the enterprise; focusing on people-oriented solutions. During my time at Sandbox Union, I was involved with developing various web applications.

Angular Leaderboard

During our first week at Sandbox Union, Dana and I were tasked with creating a leaderboard for a gaming tournament at the gaming bar PlayerzZone for their Madden tournament. We decided to use Google Firebase as our Database and have an AngularJS frontend. Our scoreboard also had an admin section, where a user could adjust their scores, add new teams, and edit their teams. Below I've linked our Github project as well as blog posts relating to our project.

Rochesterworks Projects

Throughout the next coming months, the team focused on developing applications including a employment portal called DocCollect as well as a Job Board to find RochesterWorks related jobs. It was a great experience to also speak with RochesterWorks directly about features to add to their existing software as well as new software we developed. We also had to go through various challenges through these projects, as their database was antiquated. This was a learning experience for the team as well to figure out the most efficient ways to develop for each of their applications on this database setup.

DocCollect Project:

DocCollect Announcement Blog Post

Burgess & Miralgia

After working on RochesterWorks projects our team was tasked with creating a Angular project from the ground up with its own API run on AWS. This would contain client information including their cases, any labels on cases, organizations/staff that clients belong to, and display this data in a pleasing manner that can be modified. Users would fill out an extensive intake form to sign up so the lawfirm would learn more about their cases. This data would be put into a user object that would be used throughout our application. This application also had users be various roles with the ability to perform different actions.

Development Process

While developing these applications, we used various resources. We were able to receive help and guidance at times from developers working at Chess Health, which was a great learning experience to learn what it's like working full time on application development. We used Jira to organize our work load and Slack to communicate to others when needed.