Osmose Utilities Services Inc.

Software Developer Co-Op

  • Project Link: Confidential - Reach out for details.
  • Agile: Azure
  • Languages: JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, C#
  • Time Frame: January 2019 - May 2019

What's Osmose?

Osmose is a corporation composed of field technicians, professional engineers, wood scientists, and corrosion experts, that identify and solve structural issues that help provide safe, reliable, affordable service.

Internal Application Development

Through my time at Osmose I built a internal administration tool using JavaScript/JQuery, HTML, & CSS. In doing this, I was also responsible for building endpoints for the application to access our extensive SQL database through using Ajax calls and connecting endpoints with C#.

Tutorial Plugin Development

Through being on the web development team at Osmose, I helped modify, customize and develop tutorial overlays and implementation using various tour overlay plugins. These included using Bootstrap Tour, Hopscotch, Shepherd, and Enjoyhint as a start and heavily editing these to be practical for an easy to use tutorial of our various front-end applications. I also had to modify functionality and aspects of each front end application I worked on to get these tutorials to function properly and customize them to exactly how we wanted them.

Development Process

This internal was reviewed through daily Scrum meetings, application development meetings, & sprint cycles with Azure DevOps. The application is set to release late March and will create an easy way for employees to be evaluated and inspected during Pole Inspections in real time.