Restaurant Data

Webmaster & Software Manager

What's Restaurant Data?

Restaurant Data is a subscription service where users gain access to mapped data of every Restaurant in the United States with details about how they operate. This is essential for restaurant owners and has led to lots of success on getting sales for users using their custom front end application. Worked here starting in 2016 and led an important transition within the company through redesigning and developing their website & application services.


I was given the task to redesign's website. I redesigned the website by developing prototypes, and eventually completely revamping the site using WordPress. Dealt with configuring the site SSL, Hosting, a few custom plugins, and SEO.


I was tasked with helping build scripts to quickly go through excel data, so that it would work with our new front end application. I worked with an experienced Software Engineer in the company James Santo in case I had any issues. I also built applications for Restaurant Data to use to explore various technologies for generating data quickly. I developed these scripts using Ajax calls in JavaScript, PHP, and Python.

Previous Developments

I was also responsible for transitioning Restaurant Data's database to a mapped GUI format. To do this we decided to implement Tableau and I went to various leadership conferences in New York City to learn how to implement Tableau and into Restaurant Data's latest products. During these large conferences, I was able to network with a variety of employers and learn more about their technologies, design principles, and marketing.