Software Engineer - Full Time

I'm currently a Full Stack Developer for Mindex Technologies Inc. working on Paychex Adminstrative internal applications. One of these applications is an Employee Assignment & Scheduling Engine (EASE). This is written with an Angular CLI frontend and a C# API with a SQL database deployed using OpenShift. I work with two other developers on this project as well as two testers to detail issues with user stories we work on or finding defects. In this position I gain exposure through talking to employers from the Paychex business, and beyond through developing unique ways to make sure our applications run smoothly.

The Process

Our team works within an Agile environment using Jira. I'm involved in daily standups, sprint cycles, corporate meetings, and discussing ideas with developers, designers and business analysts from Paychex and Mindex.

Application Development

Through developing this application we use a variety of technologies. We used Jenkins, OpenShift and Docker, as well as an Angular CLI frontend. Our API is run using C# with SQL Queries embedded, that connects to various services that allow data to be referenced throughout Paychex applications. We also use OptaPlanner, which is a JDK AI Constraint solver that optimizes and schedules data and solves optimization issues.

I worked full time remote in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic while finishing my studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology. This was a unique challenge for me as at the time I was finishing up my Capstone project and finishing essential courses for my major. I was able to use what I was learning on the job within this project. I linked some screenshots of the application we're building. For more questions about any development for this application/other applications please contact me.